Stories & Structures – New Connections

Learning Resources

To help you use this exhibition as a basis for your teaching, we have prepared a series of STEMlearning resources based on themes found in the exhibition. Many enable to to meet your requirements to incorporate Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum.
Some activities are designed to do in the gallery and many others at school. A downloadable pdf booklet combines separate sections for primary, lower secondary and upper secondary & college students. We would love to hear how you’ve used the exhibition in your classes and would be happy to share your innovative lesson plans. We have also set up a Facebook group where schools can share their work and inspire others.

Visual Arts activities

Download our Ideas document with loads of activities you can do with your students at the exhibition or in class. This document is also included in the STEM Learning Resources booklet above.

Other Resources

  • Here is a great video produced by Old Ways, New Ways, Kurongkurl Katitjin, Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research at Edith Cowan University. It shows Nyoongar man, Jason Barrow, demonstrating how to make bush glue, an ancient resin composite material, from grass tree resin, charcoal and kangaroo poo. He then shows how this is used to create strong and durable tools.
  • For information about the microscopy in the exhibition go to the Browse by Micrograph page.
  • Use our free online microscope simulator to discover all sorts of exciting things you can’t see with your naked eyes.
  • Stones and Bones, who developed the Learning Resources in the booklet above, also offer a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-focussed activities for schools, parties and more. Check out their Facebook page.
  • One of our sponsors, NewSpec, run the Inspire STEM Education program where they provide a benchtop scanning electron microscope to schools for the teachers and students to use.

Careers in STEM

Information on careers in STEM has been included in the Learning Resources booklet but additional information is available at the Careers with STEM website.