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Microscopy Australia's instruments and experts are open to all.

Microscopy Access Guide

Find a technique and facility

TechFi® our online technique finder helps you identify the relevant technique and facility to address your research question.

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Submit project details

Once you've identified a technique, apply for microscopy at the relevant facility. A scientific panel assesses the your project, and approves access based on merit, feasibility and quality.

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Approval & consultation

Once your project is approved, our expert staff will meet you to discuss your project. We aim to book you a microscope within three weeks of approval.

Fees and Time Allowances

Book microscope & training 

Our friendly staff will help you book your hands-on training and instrument time. Start your free online training anytime, with MyScope.


Data collection & analysis

Expert Microscopy Australia staff will support your microscopy and microanalysis work to help you collect the best possible results.

Acknowledge us in your work

To keep supporting research, we need to track research outcomes. Use the download below to acknowledge us in posters, presos and papers.

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