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Science Week Challenge winners and more

We are delighted to announce the winners of the MyScope Explore Science Week Challenge 2021.

School students were invited to make discoveries by using the scanning electron microscope simulator in MyScope Explore and use those findings to solve the challenges. There were some really great answers and good observations and comparisons were made!

Congratulations to all our winners and we hope you enjoy making more discoveries with your Foldscopes.

  • Aditi
  • Avani Thekkekare
  • Cassie Wynne
  • Jiya Jain
  • Juhi
  • Levi Dawson
  • Olivia Campbell

Also held during Science Week 2021 was the webinar hosted by the National Indigenous Science Education Program exploring our Stories and Structures – New Connections exhibition with two of the Aboriginal artists, Arkeria Rose Armstrong and Frances Belle Parker and the exhibition curator Dr Jenny Whiting. It received some very positive and enthusiastic feedback:

“I loved its relevance and connection between culture and science.”

“I liked the combination of scientist and artists who provided different perspectives that linked the two subjects, in particular actual lived experience from First Nations peoples that shared their historical and artistic knowledge. ”

“It completely altered my sense of perspective. Looking at something so tiny (the slides) and how it perfectly correlates to something so vast (the landscape) ”

“Really appreciated the perspective that science and culture/art are not mutually exclusive, but rather all provide various ways to see and know the world around us”

“Mind blowing to see the parallels happening across microscope cells and indigenous art as a form mapping history and story. I will never unsee this now.”

Visit the Exhibition’s website here.


September 27, 2021