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New microscopes arrive around the country

As COVID-19 travel restrictions have begun to lift, new NCRIS-supported instruments have begun arriving at our facilities around the country.

At the University of Western Australian facility the Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis, received a cryo field emission scanning electron microscope. The JEOL IT800 Cryo-FESEM, the first of its kind to be installed in Australia. The instrument allows for high spatial resolution imaging and analysis with sub-nanometre resolution.

CMCA receives their new Cryo-FESEM

At UNSW Sydney, the Electron Microscope Unit received the University’s first aberration-corrected transmission electron microscope, the JEOL JEM-ARM300F2 GRAND ARM™2 Atomic Resolution Analytical Microscope. This will enable researchers to explore matter at the scale of less than 60 trillionths of a metre helping them to design better materials for renewable energy, medical science, engineering and geosciences.

Dr Richard Webster with the Electron Microscope Unit’s new JEOL GrandARM300F2

In July, the Centre for Advanced Microscopy at Australian National University welcomed the installation of a new the Zeiss Crossbeam 550 focused ion beam field emission scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) on its path to develop a fully equipped correlative cryo platform. The Crossbeam comprises a Leica cryo stage and transfer system, which will facilitate cryo block face imaging as well as the production of on-grid transmission electron microscope (TEM) lamella for viewing in the JEOL 200kV CryoARM (NCRIS co-funded; expected March 2021).

Zeiss Crossbeam 550 FIB-SEM at CAM, ANU

In October, Flinders Microscopy and Microanalysis, Flinders University, welcomed a ScientaOmicron High-Resolution Photoemission Electron Microscope (PEEM), the first of it’s kind in Australia. PEEM is a powerful imaging technique, whose versatility for topographical, chemical and magnetic contrast imaging at high resolution has been demonstrated in many laboratory and synchrotron applications.


November 26, 2020