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Atom probe tomography collaboration with CAMECA announced

Microscopy Australia’s University of Sydney facility, Sydney Microscopy and Microanalysis, is partnering with CAMECA, a business unit of AMETEK Inc. and a world-leading supplier of microanalytical instrumentation for research, on the acquisition of the latest Atom Probe Tomography (APT) instrument – the Invizo 6000.

“The Local Electrode Atom Probe is an essential tool for our research community,” said Prof. Julie Cairney, Microscopy Australia CEO. “For many years now, the older models of this instrument have been among our most heavily-used instruments. We use the atom probe for a wide range of applications, from improved additive manufacturing to efficient catalysis, and from new photovoltaics through to Martian meteorites. We are looking forward to working with CAMECA to demonstrate the benefits of the increased field of view and mass resolving power offered by the Invizo 6000.”

CAMECA is looking forward to working closely with the University of Sydney in demonstrating the advantages the Invizo 6000 provides across a broad range of key material science challenges.

“Since developing the revolutionary Local Electrode Atom Probe nearly two decades ago, CAMECA has remained at the forefront of atom probe instrument design,” said Jesse D. Olson, CAMECA Business Unit Manager. “We are excited to partner with one of the leading academic research institutions in the world, the University of Sydney, who has been a CAMECA APT customer for more than 15 years, to explore the capabilities our newest APT product.”

Developed at the Atom Probe Technology Center in Madison, Wisconsin, the Invizo 6000 continues to advance CAMECA’s position as the world leader in atom probe tomography.



December 21, 2021