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Bambury prove allergen protection

Bambury is at the forefront of bedding technology. Mite-Guard is one of the longest running ranges for the company and is recommended by allergy and asthma specialists. It features a specially developed micron dust filter membrane sandwiched between two layers of fabric, allowing barrier protection against allergens whilst remaining breathable for comfort. Given the product has inherent health benefits, it was essential we backed up our claims and had full confidence in our product.

The AMMRF (now Microscopy Australia) at UWA provided the highest quality imaging far superior to what we had seen from other microscopy services.

Previous laboratory tests proved the product worked by not allowing microscopic particles to pass through the fabric, but with the AMMRF we were actually able to see the fabric up close at 2000x magnification, proving the fibres of the filter membrane are packed so tightly together that harmful allergens are not able to pass through. AMMRF’s open communications, fast turnaround times and professionalism also made our experience a real pleasure.

Ray Chiu
Product Development



March 16, 2017